A wallet-size emergency data card

The MEDICAL HISTORY I.D. CARD is a wallet-size card with a unique readable microfilm insert containing your medical history. If you suddenly become ill or in an accident and can’t speak, the MEDICAL HISTORY I.D. Card can help speak for you. 

Vital medical information

 The MEDICAL HISTORY I.D. CARD can help in administering the most accurate care possible. When a person’s life is on the line, emergency medical personnel can access vital medical information such as a person’s blood type, known medical conditions, prescriptions being taken and allergies in a matter of seconds. 

No equipment is needed to read it

 The MEDICAL HISTORY I.D. Card should be carried even by those in perfect health. By simply holding it up to the light, it shows there are no pre-existing conditions and emergency care can begin quickly. This card can help support the difference between life and death.   


Our Mission :: Our Vision

Our company is commitment to informing every household's about the Medical History I.D. Card and how it can help save lives. This card was designed to help make a difference between life and death in most emergency situation.  

The Medical History I.D. Card provides some vital medical information to help medical personnel administer prompt and quality  care.  We believe everyone should receive the best possible medical care when seconds count. The Medical History I.D. Card can help speak for you when you can't.